JXN Housing Staff

Physical Address:

1104 N. Jefferson St. Jackson, MS 39202


At JXN Housing we have a full service friendly staff. Please review the staff, the brief explanations can help you understand how our management firm works. Our staff is as follows:

Anna Kathryn Brown                                             Anna Kathryn is our voice here at JXN Housing. She manages prospects
Office Manager                                                         and advertises our properties. When you call she will send you
front.office.jxn.nh@gmail.com                                  in the right direction.  She also handles our maintenance processing.
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Ronda Ashe                                                             Ronda processes our leases, rents, draft checks, manages
Asst. Property Manger                                              collections, and processes our new incoming clients. Ronda can
ronda@jxnhousing.com                                             answer any question about your payments.
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Dallis Ketchum                                                        Dallis Ketchum is Principal Broker of JXN Housing, a licensed MS
Realtor | Broker | Property Manager                           Real Estate Brokerage.  He is the head and final decision maker
dallis@jxnhousing.com                                             at JXN Housing.  
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